Report: ‘Revenue looks at outsourcing call center’

The Advocate reports that the Department of Revenue is exploring the possibility of outsourcing its call center operations.

Some 15,000 calls a month into the state Department of Revenue’s call center are going unanswered, prompting agency officials to look at outsourcing the work to a private firm.

Revenue Assistant Secretary Jarrod Coniglio told the state Civil Service Commission on Wednesday that the agency would soon seek proposals to see if an outside vendor could answer the phones better.

Coniglio said the center averages 42,000 calls a month with 27,000 successfully answered.

“I have an average of 15,000 phones that go unanswered every month. If you are one of those taxpayers, you are angry,” Coniglio said.

“This is about improved service, to have more calls answered than we have now,” Coniglio said. “It’s an exploration to see if it can be done.”