Baton Rouge tax preparer arrested second time on new set of fraud charges

Chandris Ferguson

Chandris Ferguson

BATON ROUGE – A Baton Rouge tax preparer on bail from a 2013 arrest is back in custody facing multiple felony counts for tax fraud, the Louisiana Department of Revenue announced Tuesday.

Chandris Ferguson (Booking Photo), of 12457 Lockhaven Avenue in Baton Rouge, is accused of filing falsified state income tax returns that resulted in her clients receiving larger tax refunds than they would have received otherwise. The amount of fraudulent refunds in this case is $63,686.

Investigators say Ferguson, owner of The Best Tax Services in Baton Rouge, filed returns claiming fabricated business losses for clients who had sustained no losses, and in many cases were not business owners. And she is accused of instructing her clients to ignore official notices from the Department of Revenue seeking to verify the business information on their tax returns.

Ferguson was arrested in 2013 on similar fraud charges related to her work at The Best Tax Services. Fabricating business losses is a technique used frequently by unscrupulous tax preparers to guarantee their clients larger refunds than they would receive otherwise.

In the current case, Ferguson faces ten counts of computer fraud, ten counts of filing or maintaining false public records, and five counts of obstruction of justice. She was arrested on Monday, August 10 and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. It is the 46th arrest under a joint anti-fraud initiative of the Department of Revenue and the state Attorney General’s office.

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