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LDR Discovers Attempts to File Fraudulent Income Tax Returns through TurboTax software

BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Revenue has discovered a number of attempts to file fraudulent income tax returns for the 2014 filing season. LDR has reason to believe the fraudulent filings originated from data compromised through Intuit/Turbo Tax software. To our knowledge, all information in the State’s tax computer system remains secure and has not been compromised.

To date, LDR has flagged 2,011 returns filed through TurboTax software.  LDR is taking extra precautions to verify the filings and refunds to ensure that taxpayers receive their proper refunds. The Department is using all available technology and resources to help protect and secure all taxpayer data. When inconsistencies in returns are identified, LDR will utilize its identification verification process for individual taxpayers.

“It is our responsibility to protect the personal information of taxpayers, and we do not take that responsibility lightly” said Secretary of Revenue Tim Barfield. “To our knowledge, our systems at the Louisiana Department of Revenue have not been compromised, but we want to alert all taxpayers who may have been victimized and had their personal information comprised by TurboTax, so they can take the steps needed to protect themselves. “

LDR has been in contact with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and other states that have identified potential problems and will work with them and any other appropriate authorities to make certain Louisiana citizens are protected and apprised of the latest developments.

LDR began accepting returns on January 20, and began processing them on February 3. LDR is scheduled to begin issuing tax refunds around February 24. Since tax refunds have not been issued at this time, LDR is in an even better position to safeguard taxpayers against fraudulent activity, including the suspicion of identity theft, through the Department’s fraud detection systems.

“We will continue to monitor this situation closely, and will work diligently to ensure we do everything possible to protect taxpayer’s information and to ensure they receive the refunds they deserve,” said Barfield.

Taxpayers who have concerns about the security of their personal information provided to TurboTax should contact them at 1-800-944-8596.

Taxpayers may verify the current status of their state income tax return by going to