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‘Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Program is hailed as win-win’

The Times-Picayune reports on a study that highlights the benefits of the Louisiana Tax Free Shopping Program:

Louisiana’s Tax Free Shopping Program, which gives overseas visitors a chance to recoup some of the sales tax they pay on purchases made while visiting the Pelican State, was responsible for almost $73.7 million in spending during the fiscal year ending in June, according to a recent study. And because not all of the spending those tourists did in Louisiana qualified for the tax-free program, the state still collected almost $2.7 million in sales, hotel and excise taxes from them, according to the study, which was commissioned by the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism’s Office of Tourism.

The study was based on a survey of 490 foreign visitors who responded in one of five languages: French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog, the language of the Philippines. The study was conducted by the University of New Orleans’ Hospitality Research Center.

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