Report: ‘Delinquent taxes won’t hunt’

From the Minden Press-Herald:

Louisiana is a sportsman’s paradise, it says so on the license plates. Hunting and fishing are an integral part of that paradise. However, Louisiana taxpayers who don’t want to pay their taxes may not get to do either. Ignoring delinquent state income tax bills can result in suspension or denial of hunting, fishing or driver’s licenses.

According to state law, taxpayers who owe more than $500 in delinquent individual state income tax may have their hunting or fishing licenses suspended or denied. Those who owe more $1000 may have their driver’s license suspended or denied.

The laws came into effect on Jan. 1, 2004.

According to Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR) Press Secretary Byron Henderson, the driver’s license suspension program was implemented in March of 2008, with the hunting and fishing license suspension program following in May of 2010.

Prior to license suspension, the LDR sends delinquent bills and finally a certified letter.

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