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IRS: Tax-related scams popping up around Louisiana

The IRS is warning Louisiana taxpayers of scams targeting churches around the country. The Times-Picayune reports:

The fliers increasingly popping up around many community churches seem harmless enough. They are handwritten, include a first name and local phone number, and offer exactly what any taxpayer would want: more money back on your tax returns.

But as unsuspicious as the flier may seem, following up on the enticement could leave your bank account and your identity vulnerable to theft.

The Internal Revenue Service has seen an increase in these types of tax-return-related scams targeting church congregations across the country, especially in Louisiana.

The way the scam works is simple: An unsuspecting taxpayer calls the phone number on the flier, seeking help with filing tax returns. The scam artist then solicits the caller’s Social Security number, and in many cases, bank account and credit card numbers, giving them all the information necessary to steal the caller’s money and identity.