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LDR News Release: 2010 Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday is Sept. 3rd, 4th, & 5th

BATON ROUGE – Hunters and campers can save money this weekend on a wide range of supplies including firearms, ammunition, hunting knives and certain clothing items.  The 2010 Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday takes place Friday, September 3, through Sunday, September 5.

During these three days, eligible items are exempt from all state and local sales taxes in Louisiana.  The exemption applies to purchases for individual use.  It does not apply to business purchases.

Eligible items include:

  • Accessories designed to be used for hunting.
  • Shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers, or other handguns.
  • Ammunition intended to be fired from a gun or firearm is eligible.
  • Animal feed for consumption by game which can be legally hunted.
  • Apparel such as safety gear, camouflage clothing, jackets, hats, gloves, mittens, face masks and thermal underwear for use while hunting;
  • Off-road vehicles such as all terrain vehicles designed for hunting. The exemption does not apply to golf carts, bikes, motorcycles, tractors, or motor vehicles which may be legally driven on highways.

For the full list of eligible items and special provisions of this sales tax holiday, visit


2010 Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday


Residents Encouraged to Pre-Apply for Disaster Food Assistance as Tropical Depression Expected to Impact Louisiana

BATON ROUGE (August 11, 2010) – With a Tropical Depression expected to impact Louisiana within the next 48 hours, the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is encouraging residents to prepare by pre-applying online for Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits (DSNAP), formerly called Disaster Food Stamps.

“Hurricane season is well underway, and this year the potential for disaster is compounded by the oil spill affecting our coast,” said DCFS Secretary Ruth Johnson. “I strongly urge all residents, especially those living in our coastal parishes, to take advantage of our online pre-application for DSNAP.”

Johnson said that while a DSNAP program is not expected to be implemented with this storm, now is the perfect time to pre-apply and be prepared for this or any other storm in the future.

DSNAP provides food assistance for eligible households who do not receive regular SNAP benefits and who need help buying groceries due to lost income or damages following a disaster. The state must request that the federal government initiate DSNAP, but can only make the request after the Stafford Act is activated, which has not yet occurred for this tropical depression.

According to Johnson, the pre-application process does not guarantee benefits, but is designed to save time, prevent long waits and to make it easier for applicants to collect the required income information before a disaster strikes.

“I hope all residents will make pre-applying online for DSNAP part of their hurricane preparedness game plan,” said Johnson. “By completing the pre-application online, residents are taking a proactive step to prepare themselves and their families for a disaster.”

To pre-apply, residents can visit or and provide the following information:

  • Names, Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth for each household member
  • Current address and parish of household
  • Monthly income for each household member
  • All liquid resources for each household member (cash on hand, checking, savings and money market account balances and certificates of deposit)

The information will be kept securely on file and will be confidential.

Residents without Internet access may call 1-888-LA HELP U (1-888-524-3578) to pre-apply.

After a disaster is declared and a DSNAP program is launched, residents who have pre-applied only need to visit a DSNAP issuance site to verify their information and identity, determine final eligibility and receive their benefit cards. Exact eligibility requirements and DSNAP issuance sites will be announced only after a disaster is declared.

Louisiana’s federally approved system is the first year-round DSNAP pre-application process in the nation.