New RIBs discuss product taxable values for 2010

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has issued two new Revenue Information Bulletins (RIBs) providing information about product taxable valuations that are to be used in the determination of tax liabilities during calendar 2010.

Revenue Information Bulletin No. 10-003 discusses the taxable values of five categories of timber and pulpwood products that are to be used during 2010 in the calculation of the severance taxes that are payable on those products.

Revenue Information Bulletin No. 10-004 discusses the sales and use taxable value of refinery gas for calendar 2010.

A Revenue Information Bulletin (RIB) is issued under the authority of LAC 61:III.101(D). A RIB is an informal statement of information issued for the public and employees that is general in nature. A RIB does not have the force and effect of law and is not binding on the public or on the Department of Revvenue.

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