EDITORIAL: 'Tax amnesty is a sensible plan'

From the Lafayette Daily Advertiser:

Consider for a moment the scope of Louisiana’s problem with delinquent taxes.

This year, the Legislature fought over higher-education cuts and health-care cuts. Oil prices were half what they were the previous summer, and natural gas prices were barely a third. Unemployment was up. Revenue was down $1.3 billion and threatening to get worse.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue was owed $473 million in delinquent receivables, mainly past-due taxes that should have been filed by an estimated 242,000 filers and should-have-been filers. That number is equal to about one Louisiana household in seven.

But the Louisiana Tax Amnesty Program is offering many delinquent filers a way out. If it’s not exactly painless, it carries less pain than the other available remedies. The amnesty was passed in the last session and signed by Gov. Bobby Jindal on July 10.

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