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Governor Jindal Signs Tax Amnesty Act into Law

BATON ROUGE – [On Friday, July 10], Governor Bobby Jindal signed legislation that creates the Tax Amnesty Program for 2009 which is an important tool in helping the state meet its budget challenges.

Governor Jindal said, “This amnesty period will provide much needed dollars to make one-time investments in the state’s infrastructure needs, and will refuel the state’s rainy day fund, and most importantly will provide state leaders more flexibility and time as we continue taking proactive steps in addressing the budget for the coming fiscal years.”

HB 720 by Rep. Jane Smith establishes a two-month period during which eligible taxpayers may apply for amnesty on taxes they owe the state.

Under the amnesty program, if the taxpayer pays all taxes owed to the state, then half of the accrued interest and penalties can be waived.