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Report: 'Jindal OKs tax breaks on film, hunting'

From The Advocate:

Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Thursday he signed bills to grant tax relief on entertainment industry expenses and hunting supply purchases.


The tax breaks include an increased credit for the motion picture industry.

Jindal signed House Bill 898, which raises the film production tax credit to 30 percent, matching what Georgia offers.

The 30 percent tax credit is different from what the governor originally proposed.


The governor also signed:

House Bill 458 to clarify the rules regarding the sound recording investor tax credit.HB458 changes the tax break from a refundable tax credit to a direct payment with the state Department of Economic Development handling the paperwork for the investor.

Senate Bill 277 to make a tax credit on digital media production a flat 25 percent with an added 10 percent for payroll.

Senate Bill 52 to create a “Second Amendment Weekend” sales tax holiday on firearms purchases in early September.

The bill also applies to off-road vehicles, airboats and other supplies.

Jindal vetoed other legislation, House Bill 128, to create a similar sales tax holiday the weekend after Thanksgiving.

The governor said in his veto letter that the bills “attempt to accomplish the same purpose.”