Report: 'House bloc to reject bill delaying tax break to offset higher education cuts'

The Associated Press reports that a coalition of Republican and Democratic state lawmakers has united in opposition to a measure that would delay implementation of a scheduled state income tax reduction.

Forty-seven House members, enough to block a veto override, have promised to vote against a Senate proposal to reduce higher education funding cuts by delaying a tax break.

The mostly Republican bloc signed onto a news release, promising “No” votes against the proposal from Sen. Lydia Jackson to postpone by three years a tax break the Legislature approved in 2007. Others promising to vote against it include Independent Rep. Joel Robideaux and Democratic Reps. Taylor Barras, Simone Champagne, Bill Chandler, Noble Ellington and Bernard LeBas.

Jackson’s bill would delay from this year to 2012 a scheduled increase in the number of allowable income tax deductions for individual taxpayers.

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